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For all your loft cleaning and reinsulating requirements please John direct on 0740 374 5269. or EMAIL US. With over 25 years of experience in cleaning and restoring lofts, our company can expertly remove all general debris, insulation, dust, rodent carcasses, etc leaving you with a clean and dust free loft space, ready for re insulating, converting, lining or boarding.
In addition to providing high end cleaning services in your loft, Loft Cleaning UK also supplies and installs insulation, and offers a loft lining and boarding service in addition to supplying and installing loft ladders. We operate both powerful truck mounted and more portable vacuum cleaning machines, meaning we can service both large buildings in rural areas and multi storey properties in built up urban cities. Our business operates through the UK including Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.
Please refer to our pricing page so you are aware of the costs associated with our services. If our prices are within your price range, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Loft Cleaning general information

1. Minimum charge
£400 + VAT
2. Who attends?
1 - 2 people PLUS vehicle attend each site (sometimes 2 vehicles).
3. Quotation
VIA satellite photos of property are based on m2 of the loft, or the footprint of the property. This is confirmed before commencement of works.
4. What do we do and what do we remove?
Quotation includes removal and disposal of all existing insulation, vacuuming of the loft space and removal of all reasonable amounts of rubble/rubbish in the loft.
5. How long does it take?
One job per day is booked per vehicle, so allow the entire day.
6. Are you insured?
Yes we carry full business insurance, including accidental damage and public liability up to £5,000,000.
7. Can you re-insulate the loft?
7. Can you board or line the loft?
For information on recent and current projects, please visit our Facebook page (link above).

We are located at 9 Sinclair Rd London W14 0NS and operate throughout the UK.